The sequencing phase of the FAPESP/LICR-Human Cancer Genome Project has finished. It is time to take stock of what has been achieved and the contribution that the project has made to progress in the fight against cancer. As part of this effort the JambORESTES workshop will be held in Sao Paulo Brazil between August 20th and 24th to assess what we have learned about a selected list of 803 genes known to be associated with cancer. Specifically a group of scientists from Brazil and around the world will be exauring the FAPESP/LICR-HCGP sequences together with those generated in the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genome Anatomy Project to search for natural variants of the cancer related genes, new closely related genes and altered versions of the cancer related genes that appear in tumors. Those data will permit a measure of the potential information contained in the vast cancer derived human sequence databases.