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FlyEST ElectrApis

FlyEST is a pilot project that uses ORESTES methodology (Neto et al. 2000, PNAS) for rapid validation of Drosophila melanogaster transcriptome as predicted by the in silico analyses of the genomic sequence, with special emphasis on less abundant transcripts...

ElectrApis: oldest honey bee-like fossil from Baltic Amber (Eocene, 40 million years) ElectrApis: Sister of ORESTES...

HCGP-SNP Gbrowse mapping

In this study, we have identified SNPs in the coding region of genes expressed in tumors using a database composed of ORESTES (open reading frame expressed sequence tags; Dias-Neto et al., 2000), sequences that are preferentially located in the central region of expressed genes.

Mapping ORESTES information, using GMOD tool. We'll use NCBI's mapview information and in loco data analysis information.


H2G is a new tool to support the analysis of gene expression. It permits the selection of hyper and hypo-expressed genes from a SAGE (Serial Analysis Gene Expression) dataset (Velculescu et al, 2000; Boon et al, 2002).

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